The Gift of Water: Lessons Learned & the Power of Flow

Our founder Andrea shares the lessons that water has taught her

The Gift of Water: Lessons Learned & the Power of Flow
"Learning to swim is not only a development of a skill, but a development of self"

Water, a seemingly simple element, has always held had a profound significance in my life. Its presence, whether in the form of a still ocean, the garden sprinkler, roaring waves, flowing rivers of clear lakes, water has gifted me with experiences and lessons to last a life time. The ability be in and around an in water has been the greatest gift I’ve received and one that I very often take for granted. Beyond the joy and freedom, it has also taught me lessons to last a lifetime. 


Water has taught me to find inner peace amidst the chaos of life, to quiet the mind, and to embrace the tranquility within. Like a mirror, water reflects back the stillness we cultivate within ourselves, reminding us of the power of being present in the moment.


Water has taught me that life is an ongoing journey, sometimes turbulent and unpredictable. Just as water carves through rocks, its taught me to navigate and see the beauty in obstacles. 


A raindrop falls and disappears upon contact with the ground, a reminder that nothing in life is permanent and to appreciate the beauty of transience. Whilst our world naturally encourages us to fear this, the letting go of attachments and ability to embrace the present if a gift like no other. 


Water fosters deep connection with nature and ourselves. Water reminds me that we are all part of a greater whole, and through genuine connections, we can create a more harmonious and compassionate world.


Water demonstrates adaptability in its many forms. It teaches flexibility and openness to lifes ever-changing seasons. We are taught to embrace the unknown, to let go of rigid expectations, and to embrace the transformative power of change. By surrendering to the ebbs and flows. 


Most importantly, water has provided me with the gift of joy. The experience of floating, moving through water, experiencing the temperature, the flow, the waves, the lift beneath. My best memories are in water and it truly is the gift that keeps giving. 

Our bodies are made up of over 60% water so there is no doubt that there is a strong interconnectedness with the element itself. Learning to swim is not only a development of a skill, but a development of self… one that we all deserve.