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Led by accredited instructors, Buffalo Pond provides accessible swim safety lessons, education and programs to the community of Lombok.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide inclusive and accessible swimming and water safety education programs in Indonesia

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for all ages


Open water swimming & water safety


community programs with schools, women and local communities


First Aid & CPR training

We are partners

Our partners share the purposeful vision to empower individuals and communities in Indonesia. These include non-profits, community leaders, corporations, individuals, and foundations. If you’re interested in contributing to our mission, we would love to hear from you.


Where did the idea come from?

Buffalo Pond was born out of a combined love of water, the Lombok community and passion for Social Impact. We are working to provide a high quality swim safety experience whilst addressing the shocking reality of drowning rates in Indonesia. A recent (2020) OECD report found that there are 4,518 drownings per year in Indonesia. That is 13 drownings per day.

You’ve described Buffalo Pond as a social enterprise…what does that mean?

A social enterprise is a business that combines the principles and practices of both traditional for-profit enterprises and non-profit organizations to achieve social and/or environmental goals. The primary aim of a social enterprise is to create positive change in society or the environment while also generating revenue to sustain and grow its operations.

Are you open?

Yes we are open! We launched in January 2024 in Kuta Lombok, Mataram & Senggigi.

Where are you located?

Buffalo Pond is currently operating as a decentralised service. Our focus is currently on impact over infrastructure. We are based across various locations in Lombok. We utilise various pools to suit different ages and skillsets.

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